The Reutov Experimental Factory of Prostheses of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Russia

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About Us

The history of The Reutov Experimental Factory of Prostheses started on January1, 1945 in Reutov, where during the Great Patriotic War a military hospital was located, and a prosthetic and orthopedic manufacture was established.

Until 1960, the manufacture was involved in complex prosthetics, being the base of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Prosthetics (CSRIP); later it was reorganized into a plant for manufacturing prosthetic and orthopedic semi-finished products.

Today the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The Reutov Experimental Factory of Prostheses" of the Ministry of labor of Russia (FSUE "REFP" of the Ministry of Labor of Russia) is the largest specialized prosthetic factory in Russia and in the CIS, manufacturing prosthetic and orthopedic products.

In recent years, the assortment of prosthetic plant products has increased significantly:

  • non-metallic products and semi-finished products for prostheses of the upper and lower limbs;
  • silicone breast prostheses;
  • orthoses of maximum availability;
  • corrective orthopedic insert devices and protective covers;
  • massage mats, cushions, massagers, expanders;
  • bandage and rehabilitation products (head holders, corsets, retractors, bandages);
  • bandages;
  • anti-decubitus and orthopedic mattresses;
  • anti-decubitus and orthopedic sitting pillows;
  • orthopedic pillows for the head and the back;
  • orthopedic cushions and semi-cushions for the neck;
  • orthopedic inner soles and semisoles;
  • arch supports;
  • corrective devices made of standard foam and silicone;
  • manufacturing individual orthopedic insoles and devices for correcting posture (posture correctors) with regard to individual patient characteristics, and other technical means of rehabilitation and orthopedics.

Quality of all products manufactured by the prosthetic factory is confirmed by Certificates of Conformity, Registration Certificates of the Ministry of Labor of Russia, Sanitary and Epidemiological findings, licenses and hygienic characteristics of the products.

The prosthetic plant is constantly developing, participates in Russian and International exhibitions, where the products constantly attract consumers' attention. This fact has been confirmed by patents, medals and diplomas.

Within the last two years our company has been working on implementation of a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2000.

During this time, we optimized the management system, and ensured consistent improving organization of all processes.

Every employee of our company knows that quality of our products is our number one priority for achieving customer satisfaction.

You will conquer space and time if you use products of the Reutov Experimental Factory of Prostheses! Only the Nature can do better!