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Buying orthopedic mattresses and pillows by the wholesale is an easy task. You call us by the phone and sign a contract with us for wholesale supply. In the tables below wholesale prices for our products are shown. Watch for promotion campaigns that are periodically taken by our company.

It is known that based on the anatomical features of our spine, cervical vertebrae need support in the supine position. During the day it is the cervical vertebrae that experience the highest tension. It is therefore important that during the sleep the spine is relaxes as much as possible, and you feel comfortable. And this is what a correctly chosen pillow can do.

The Reutov Experimental Factory of Prostheses offers orthopedic pillows from a material with the shape memory effect (the so-called "smart" pillows). Made of viscoelastic polyurethane foam using the latest technologies, these orthopedic pillows take the shape of your head and neck under the influence of heat and weight. In this position, your body is completely relaxed, excellent blood supply to the brain is ensured.

The assortment of sleeping orthopedic pillows includes head pillows for adults, children and the new-born.

FSUE REF P of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia offers a variety of orthopedic pillows:

  • orthopedic pillows for the head
  • orthopedic sitting pillows;
  • anti-decubitus sitting pillows;
  • orthopedic unloading cushioned seats for office use
  • gel cushioned seats with the shape memory effect
  • orthopedic rehabilitation sitting pillows
  • orthopedic cushions and semi-cushions
  • orthopedic neck pillows
  • orthopedic anatomic pillows for the spine made of the material with the shape memory effect
  • anti-decubitus mattresses made of natural latex with elastic flowing elements inside

By buying an orthopedic pillow, you get really high quality certified product, which will help restore your body during sleep, rest and work.