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Silicone breast prostheses or overdentures (breast prostheses) are manufactured according to the leasing Russian technologies from modern environmentally friendly materials. The high quality of breast prostheses manufactured by our company is of proven by the International Quality Certificate TUV No. I 60014004 granted on February 27, 2006.

In order to keep attractiveness, femininity and vitality, the Reutov Experimental prostheses Factory has developed and launched commercial manufacturing of a wide range of breast prostheses models - asymmetric breast prostheses, symmetric breast prostheses and post-surgery breast prostheses. The wide range of models manufactures by our company makes it possible to make optimal prosthetics for women after breast removal surgery.

Watch our video about breast prostheses

It is very important to consult your doctor in order to choose the correct breast prosthesis shape, configuration, size and weight characteristics, based on the particularities of the surgery made.

Our breast prostheses accumulate well body temperature, make it possible to engage inn sports activities, to swim in the sea or in a pool, and to sunbathe. Due to its optimal elasticity during movement, or under an external effect, the prosthesis looks so natural that it is virtually impossible to tell it from natural breast.

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