mattresse 563


For patients with dysfunction of the musculoskeletal and the nervous system for preventing bedsores.

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Structure, manufacturing material, scope of supply

Anti-decubitus effect, i.e., even distribution of pressure on the areas in contact with the body, is achieved by using elastic flowing elements inside the mattress.

Anti-decubitus non-pulsating mattress consists of three (or two) forming sections made with natural rubber latex, and comes with a special protector that simplifies cleaning.

Model 563 consists of three sections, 563/1 - of two sections.

Size and weight

  1. Size
    • Model 563 - 1950×850×70;
    • Model 563/1 - 1300×850×70.
  2. Mattress weight
    • Model 563 - 45 kg;
    • Model 563/1 - 30 kg;
  3. Permissible load up to 120 kg.