pillow 1166 for man


  • prevention of headache, loxia;
  • spinal relief and normalization of neck muscles tone;
  • rehabilitation after injuries of cervical spine;
  • headaches, dizziness;
  • osteochondrosis, cervical spine spondylosis.

During sleep, the pillow ensures moderate stretching of the cervical spine in prone position and is an excellent means of preventing headaches, neck and shoulders pains, as well as loxia. A correctly chosen pillow ensures proper rest, soft and comfortable support for head and neck in a physiologically correct position during sleep and rest.

The contour pillow follows the lines of the neck and shoulder. This keeps the curves of breast and cervical spine in an anatomically correct position.

Material and scope of supply

The "For men" head pillow is made of visco-elastic material with the "shape memory" effect. The use of this material ensures high level of pillow comfort.


  • Pillow size - 550 × 350 ± 3 mm
  • Height with insert:
    1. maximum 160 ± 5 mm;
    2. minimum 100 ±5 mm.
  • Height without insert:
    1. maximum 140 ± 5 mm;
    2. minimum 80 ±5 mm.
  • No contraindications identified.

The pillow comes with a removable knitted protector.

Product care

A removable cover makes pillow easily sanitized. The protector can be washed manually or in a washing machine.

The pillow may be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened in a mild soap solution. The pillow should dried in a well ventilated area away from heating appliances. Direct sunlight should be avoided.