pillow 1173 under back


  • helps proper formation of posture in children and ensures stable spine support in adults;
  • helps to effectively unload the spine;
  • ensures correct spine position and increases attention during work with a computer in adults and during homework in children;
  • helps to reduce fatigue during sedentary work and when driving a car;
  • is used in complex treatment of patients with degenerative disc disease of the lumbar and thoracic spine;
  • is recommended for preventing spine various diseases.

Structure & Manufacturing Material

  • Model 1173 (contoured surface).
  • Model 1173/2 (without contoured surface).

Made of viscoelastic elastic material (heat-sensitive polyurethane foam) with the shape memory effect.

Comes with a woven dark protector.


  • Density - 110/130 kg/m3;
  • Size - 370×330 mm;
  • Cushion weight - 0.6-0.7 kg.