pillow 1175 orhto-relax nano


Original design pillow for head has anatomical shape and is designed to create comfortable body position, compensates the load on the spine during sleep by following the contours of the head and neck, and ensures correct positioning of the spine and relaxes muscles. A cushion that supports cervical spine, has a small notch for shoulder free movement during sleep, decreases tension of neck muscles, improves blood flow to the brain, eliminates hands numbness.

Structure, Manufacturing Material, Scope of Supply

Introduction of nano-particles into the composition of the viscoelastic heat sensitive material and performing sanitary-chemical studies on the composition and concentrations of volatile organic compounds made it possible to improve hygienic quality of the material and increase twice product life without compromising its quality.

The pillow is made of unique nano-modified viscoelastic heat sensitive material which under the influence of weight and heat of human body softens and takes its exact contours.

The pillow comes with a removable cotton knitted protector.


  • Pillow size - 500×350 mm;
  • Minimum cushions height - 80 mm;
  • Maximum cushions height - 125 mm.