autopillow 1177


Intended for lifting strain from cervical spine in case of a long stay in a sitting position. The shape of the product, special material that is used for manufacturing this product reduces fatigue, normalizes blood circulation in the cervical spine and creates additional comfort when driving, watching TV, reading books, etc.

Material & Scope of Supply

Made of viscoelastic material with "memory" effect.

Comes with a woven dark protector.


  1. Model 1177
    • Pillow size - 250×170 mm;
    • Maximum thickness is 90 mm;
    • Minimum thickness is 50 mm;
    • Cushion weight is 0.4 kg
  2. Model 1177/1
    • Pillow size - 250×130 mm;
    • Maximum thickness is 110 mm;
    • Minimum thickness is 70 mm;
    • Cushion weight is 0.4 kg.