pillow 1182 magic sleep 2


The contour anatomically shaped pillow for strong and healthy sleep. The cushion ensures comfortable body position, compensates for spine load during sleep by following head and neck contours. Model 1182 is indispensable in case of spine and joints diseases (degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, vertebral displacements), for preventing fatigue and headaches, for treating vestibular apparatus disorders (dizziness).

Structure, manufacturing material, scope of supply

The pillow cushion has a recess for free shoulder movement during sleep. And the deepening on the surface of the pillow creates conditions for comfortable head positioning during sleep.

The pillow is made of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material with "memory"effect. In response to the temperature and weight of the patient, the material takes the exact contours of his head and neck, evenly distributes pressure on head and neck in places of their contact with the pillow.

comes with a removable cotton knitted cover.


  • Pillow size is 500×320 mm;
  • Maximum cushion height is 120 mm;
  • Minimum cushions height is 70 mm.