contour pillow 1183


The pillow follows the contours of head and neck, ensuring correct position of the spinal column and even weight distribution. For preventing restless sleep and increased excitability of children, development of postural disorders and scolioses in early childhood.

Structure, Manufacturing Material, Scope of Supply

The pillow has two cushions of different height for uniform weight distribution, reducing load on the spine and normal blood circulation.

Made of viscoelastic low density material with the "shape memory" effect. Use of this material ensures high level of pillow comfort.

The pillow comes with a removable knitted protector to simplify sanitization (manual or machine wash).


  • Pillow size - 350×235 ± 10 mm;
  • Maximum cushion height is 70 ± 3 mm;
  • Minimum cushions height is 40 ± 3 mm;