pillow 1187


The pillow ensures moderate stretching of child's cervical spine during sleep, is an excellent means of preventing headaches, reduces neck and shoulders pain. Two cushions of different heights make it possible to use the pillow for a long time. When the child grows up, it is enough to turn the pillow to the side with a higher cushion.

The pillow encourages uniform weight distribution, reduces load on spine and improves blood circulation in brain.

Indications for use

  • Complex treatment or preventive care of congenital or acquired loxia;
  • Prevention of cervical area deformation;
  • Formation of correct posture;
  • Early stages of rachitism;
  • Prevention of restless sleep and increased excitability in children;
  • Prevention of postural disorders and scoliosis in early childhood;
  • Period of intensive growth;
  • Spinal relief and normalization of neck muscles tone;

No contraindications identified.

Remember! A correctly chosen pillow not only provides complete rest, but also contributes to proper development of cervical spine bones, and improves blood circulation in brain.

Structure, manufacturing material, scope of supply

Ergonomic shape and a central deepening is necessary for correct fixing of the child's head during sleep. The pillow follows the lines of the neck and the shoulder, keeping the curves of breast and cervical spine in an anatomically correct position.

The pillow is made of viscoelastic low density material with the "shape memory" effect. Use of this material ensures high level of comfort and reduces strain on the cervical spine.

The pillow comes with a waterproof breathing knitted cotton protector.


  • Pillow size is 215×235;
  • Maximum cushion height is 46 mm;
  • Minimum cushion height is 36 mm.