pillow 565 for seet


It is intended for people who spend a long time sitting at a desk, in an arm-chair, in a chair, etc., whose work is related with prolonged stress on back and neck. The pillow reduces tension of spine and cervical spine muscles.

The seating pillow is recommended for preventing development of degenerative disc disease, in case of coccyx injuries and other spinal diseases.

Structure, Manufacturing Material, Scope of Supply

The design of the seating pillow has a unique shape and is made of a special material. Optimum pressure distribution ensures stable and comfortable sitting at work, at school and at home.

Used material improves blood circulation in the pelvic region, prevents blood stagnation in the pelvis during prolonged work in the sitting pposition

Comes with a woven dark protector.


  • Pillow size - 400×400 mm;
  • Maximum height is 80 mm;
  • Minimum height is 15 mm.