pillow 566 for seet


For patients with dysfunction of the musculoskeletal and the nervous system for preventing bedsores. A seating pillow can be used in a wheelchair for preventing bedsores, in a desk chair, in a chair, in the driver seat of a vehicle.

They are used in case of ischemic ulcers, arthritides, burns, paralysis with violation of skin integrity, skin transplantations, in case of dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal and the nervous system.

Material, Properties & Scope of Supply

The seating pillow is made of viscoelastic material with the "shape memory" effect.

It is equipped with removable protectors that make sanitization easy. The protector is made of waterproof "breathing" fabric. Due waterproof coating, liquid can be easily removed from the fabric surface, and protects the pillow from contamination. Protectors made of this fabric are actively used for preventing bedsores.

Comes with a woven dark protector.

Size & Weight

  1. Size is 400×400×60 mm;
  2. Cell size is 50×50 ± 2 mm;
  3. Height is 10 ± 2 mm.