orhtopedic pillow 575


The seating pillow is intended for preventing development of degenerative disc disease, in case of coccyx injuries and other spinal diseases, and for people that suffer from chronic pains in the lumbar and sacral parts of spine. It can be used in a desk chair and office arm chair, at home, and in schools.

The contour wedge-shaped pillow combines comfort and stability, and is needed for patients of different age who spend a lot of time at desk, work of whom is associated with prolonged strain on neck and spine.

Structure & Manufacturing Material

The pillow is shaped to evenly distribute pressure on spine, hips and buttocks, allowing for normal circulation in the legs, for the feeling of comfort and convenience.

The seating pillow is made of viscoelastic material with the "shape memory" effect. The upper surface of the pillow is made of individual square cells that ensure proper body position, and move independently from each other under the influence of body weight and are precisely adapted to the shape and anatomy of the patient's body.


  • Pillow size - 410×270 ± 5 mm;
  • Maximum height is 40 ± 2 mm;
  • Minimum height is 5 ± 0.5 mm.