orhtopedica pillow 587


The pillow creates comfortable seating conditions by adjusting temperature, moisture and pressure.

Structure, Manufacturing Material, Scope of Supply

The seating pillow consists of three sections: viscoelastic material with shape memory, two elastic-flowing elements made of visco-liquid gel, and a removable protector.

Uniform pressure distribution is achieved at all points of contact with the body, due to unique properties of not only the viscoelastic polyurethane, but elastic-flowing elements as well. The material is elastic-flowing elements adjusts the temperature depending on the season, and thereby comfortable environment for the skin of users is created.

The outer surface of the pillow protector is duplicated with bulk material 8 mm thick, which contributes to air circulation, temperature regulation and moisture, and pressure distribution.

The bottom surface of the protector has an anti-slip layer. The pillow should be placed so that the anti-slip surface is in contact with the arm-chair or chair.

The front part of the pillow protector has a handle for easy carrying the pillow.

Comes with a removable protector.


  • Pillow size - 400×400 mm;
  • Height is 60 mm.