Energy-Saving Foot Prosthesis


Intended for the disabled with various weight, height and activity level. Walk with the use of prostheses with model 723 feet is characterized by smooth roll from heel to toe and energetic throwing the limb forward in the transfer phase. Step length of the prosthetic limb approaches the step length of the preserved limb, body movement becomes smooth and symmetrical.

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Structure and materials of manufacture

Thanks to the use of elastic elements made of composite materials on the basis of carbon fiber and polyurethane compositions, foot model 723 ensures transformation of kinetic energy after stepping on the heel into the potential energy and release of stored energy when the sole is separated from the supporting surface.

Foot model 723 features a higher efficiency resource, which was confirmed by certification tests for compliance with the requirements of GOST 51191-2007 "Units of lower limb prostheses. Technical requirements and testing methods".


The foot is made of several typical sizes, has a transition element in the form of a pyramid, which makes it possible to use it in accordance with the modular principle of lower limb prostheses construction of both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Size, cm 25 26 27 28 29
Heel height, mm 20 20 20 20 20
Average weight, g 600 640 670 700 730