Highly Functional 3D Class Foot Prosthesis


Intended for the disabled with various weight, height and activity level.

Model 833 has a transition element in the form of a pyramid, which makes it possible to use it in accordance with the modular principle of lower limb prostheses construction of both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Wholesale price.

Structure and materials of manufacture

Authentic design of the main elements ensured the possibility of moving in three planes: sagittal, frontal and horizontal. Due to the convexity of the insert and the longitudinal incision along the toe of the main elastic element it is possible to achieve a good fit of the foot against the supporting surface when walking on rough terrain. Flexible rods connecting the insert to the main elastic element, together with a ball joint located between them provides limited rotational mobility of the foot in the horizontal plane. These technical solutions allow to classify the foot model 833 as belonging to the 3D family.

The new foot also has higher durability, which is achieved by a successful combination of materials based on carbon fiber and polyurethane compositions.

  • The pronation and supination angle in the frontal plane is ±9 degrees.
  • The angle of rotation in the horizontal plane is ±5 degrees.
  • The angle of flexion and extension in the sagittal plane is +27 degrees -8 degrees.
  • Weight is 570 g.


The foot is made of several sizes.

Size, cm 25 26 27 28 29
Heel height, mm 20 20 20 20 20
Average weight, g 600 640 670 700 730